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Morgan Michele


Michèle R. Morgan

Philosophy of Education

Every major change involves a paradigm shift. My shift occurred when I changed careers to work as a business analyst and project manager for a Wall Street firm. I would love to say that I was a financial analyst raking in the big bucks, but in reality, I was middle management – the Yertle the Turtle level of managers. However, it was during this time period that my analytical brain and creative brain had a huge epiphany. Education, especially at the elementary level, prepared children for the rest of their lives, their chosen professions – professions like the one I was in. As a business analyst I would work with stakeholders to ascertain how software could make their work more efficient. I completed interviews, observations, and user interface testing to give employees a product that would flow . . . I remember thinking, “Why are elementary classrooms not set up like this? Why don’t schools gear instruction to prepare children for the workforce?” A few years later, I worked for a pharmacologist preparing reports for mid-sized pharmaceutical companies that were then submitted to the FDA. Again, I wondered why integrated instruction (truly integrated instruction) was not pushed as the “norm” for instruction in all classrooms. Why were children not career focused at a younger age? I believe that learning should be . . .

  • Student focused
  • Career focused
  • Collaboration focused
  • Technology focused
  • Passion focused
  • Compassion focused

Once I returned to the field of education, I focused all my efforts on integrating instruction and connecting it to purposeful real-world application. I knew what that meant. I had lived it, so I could teach it. As an educator, I see not the young elementary student sitting in front of me, but the older student prepared for college and the rest of his or her adult life. In my role as an administrator, I weigh upon every action and decision knowing that the steps I take affect so many beyond me. I want every child to be fulfilled as a student. Likewise, I appreciate being in a position where I can help people achieve their career goals. I LOVE the evaluation process because it is a chance to help employees move to the next level. I believe it is imperative to cultivate relationships with my students and staff (as well as parents and the community). This impacts school culture – a culture that must be positive and supportive in order for students to flourish.


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