Middle School Curriculum 


Core Content 

Our Middle School students have a traditional bell schedule where they attend the same classes five times per week.  

English Language Arts
Reading and writing is an essential part of our academic program.  Our students do not rely on a textbook, focusing instead on novels and building their activities around their reading. 

Math is an extremely important component of the academic program. 

Science provides our students with many opportunities for hands-on learning. We are able to do many demonstrations and experiments with our students so they can learn the content. a

6th Grade – Earth Science
7th Grade – Life Science
8th Grade – Physical Science/ High School Credit 9th Grade Integrated Science

Social Studies
We believe it is important to teach our students to be responsible citizens who have a good understanding of history and government.  Our curriculum allows students to become actively involved in their learning through demonstrations, role playing and debriefing activities.

6th Grade – U.S. History
7th Grade – Civics
8th Grade – World Cultures and Career Planning/ Pre A.P. World Cultures


Middle schoolers have the opportunity to select different levels of Spanish as an elective course.  



Middle School students have four choices for electives.  Currently we offer the following electives: Dance, Music, Art and Technology.