School Grade and Performance

The Florida Department of Education assigns a grade to each school, each academic year based on several factors: students’ performance on the state FCAT tests, adequate yearly progress, attendance, and other factors.

Academie Da Vinci Grades:

2021-2022: B

2020-2021: A

2019-2020: A

2018-2019: A

2017-2018: A


Additional information, including prior year grades, can be found at The Florida Department of Education website.

Curriculum and Instruction

Academie Da Vinci (ADV) follows the same academic curriculum followed within the Pinellas County Schools. We are obligated to meet the same State Standards and participate in the state testing each year.

What sets us apart from traditional public schools is our firm integration in the arts. In addition to the regular curriculum (i.e., Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Physical Education) our students also participate in integrated arts classes each week. These classes include general music with instruments, movement, chorus, visual arts, dance, and drama.

Arts are integrated into the curriculum in a variety of ways. For example, if students are studying Native Americans in class, they will also be doing Native American movement in dance, Native American music in music and chorus, and re-creating Native American artwork in visual arts. This integration is true in all grades throughout the year.

Our methods of instruction vary based on the subjects taught and styles of learning present within our student body. Our students work and study individually, one on one with a teacher, in pairs, in small groups, and as a whole class.

School Size and Programs

There are approximately 350 students enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade (2 classes per grade). We provide a Gifted program for those students who qualify according to Pinellas County guidelines.

On campus, we have our own music room which hosts vocal and instrumental music. We have a large dance room for students to actively participate in movement. We also have a separate visual arts room.

All of our faculty are certified to teach by the State of Florida and are required to stay current with professional development. These professional educators are regularly available for parent meetings and conferences.

Every student enrolled at ADV takes part in music, dance, drama, and visual arts classes. All students participate in the student shows twice per year designed to showcase student learning.