Academie DaVinci 1997 to present 

A legacy of excellence.  Honoring the past and embracing our future. 

Academie DaVinci Charter School is a Kindergarten through 8th grade charter school. We are a publicly funded school founded in 1997. Our school offers diverse educational opportunities through our curriculum, our core virtues, and rigorous academics. We uniquely offer dance, music, art, technology and Spanish beyond our core curriculum.  Our parent community is highly involved in the education of our students and are required to volunteer in the school 20 hours per year. 

The school’s two buildings house the school offices, classrooms, cafeteria’s, Music, Visual Art, and Dance Studios. In 2016, the school renovated the previously vacant space in the building located at 1064 Keene Rd for the Middle School. We built classrooms for the middle school, another cafeteria, a science lab, a technology lab, a dance, art, and music studio as well as additional administrative offices. 

At Academie DaVinci, a quality education includes a student-centered approach to learning.  In addition to academic and cognitive development of students, ADV promotes the physical, social and emotional health, growth and skill development of every student.  We implement an approach to learning that integrates research-based practices to address students’ academic and behavioral needs. We create targeted, specific prevention, remediation and/or acceleration interventions for students whose academic achievement or behaviors are not typical of their grade level peers. Acceleration or remediation is used to match students’ general abilities and specific talents with optimal learning opportunities. We strongly believe in a whole child approach to learning, strong partnerships with parents, and research-based best instructional practices which promote a quality education for every student.  

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