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Art Program

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Art Program Overview

At Academie Da Vinci, we prioritize providing our students with many opportunities to highlight their artistic talents and creativity. Throughout the year, students are entered into a minimum of 7-8 countywide art shows, allowing them to share their work with a wider audience and gain recognition for their achievements. 


In our fine art classes, students engage in studio-based art experiences that align with the rigorous standards set forth by the Florida State Standards. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of artistic media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media/fiber, digital media, sculpture, and ceramics. Through hands-on exploration and experimentation, students develop their technical skills and artistic vision, allowing them to express themselves authentically across various mediums. 


Our art rooms are equipped with 1:1 iPads and Smart Boards, providing students with access to innovative technology that enhances their artistic process. These tools are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum, allowing students to conduct research, explore new techniques, and create unique artworks using digital media alongside traditional mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics. 


At Academie Da Vinci, we are committed to providing our students with a dynamic and innovative art education that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression. Whether working with traditional materials or embracing digital technology, our students are empowered to explore their artistic potential and cultivate a lifelong passion for the arts. 


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Art Program By Grade

K to 3rd Grade Art Program

Students attend Art Class twice per week at Academie Da Vinci Charter School. These sessions provide a creative outlet for students to explore various artistic mediums and techniques under the guidance of a dedicated instructor. 

Participation in the annual schoolwide art show is a highlight for all students. Each student is encouraged to showcase at least one art piece, allowing them to share their creativity and talent with the entire school community. This event celebrates the artistic achievements of our students and fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment. 


Through their involvement in arts classes and the art show, students not only develop their artistic skills but also cultivate confidence, self-expression, and a deeper appreciation for the arts. The arts program at our school plays a vital role in nurturing creativity and fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students. 

The Art Elective program at Academie Da Vinci Charter School provides students with a rich and progressive exploration of the world of art. Tailored specifically for 4th and 5th graders, the program offers a dynamic blend of art history and creative expression, inviting students to delve into the fascinating tapestry of artistic movements throughout history. 


Through engaging lessons and hands-on projects, students draw inspiration from diverse art styles and periods, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of artistic techniques and concepts. From the vibrant colors of the Impressionists to the bold lines of the Cubists, students explore the evolution of art and its profound impact on society and culture. 


There is a studio fee of $26, which ensures that students have access to the necessary materials and supplies for their artistic endeavors. This fee covers a wide range of high-quality materials, including paints, brushes, canvases, and other essential tools, enabling students to unleash their creativity and bring their artistic visions to life. 


By participating in the Art Elective program, students not only hone their artistic skills but also cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-expression. The program fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where students can explore their creativity, develop their unique artistic voice, and gain a lifelong appreciation for the power and beauty of art. 


  • Elective Fee: $26 studio fee.


In the progression through our art elective program at Academie Da Vinci Charter School, each grade level offers a unique focus, building upon the foundational skills and concepts introduced in previous years. 

As students enter 6th grade, they embark on a journey into the art production process. Here, the emphasis lies on the comprehensive exploration of planning, creating, and reflecting on artwork. Through hands-on experiences with a diverse array of media, including drawing, painting, and sculpture, students learn to channel their creativity and bring their artistic visions to life. 

In 7th grade, students delve deeper into both contemporary and historical art themes, expanding their artistic horizons. They explore a wider range of 2D and 3D media, honing their technical skills while also exploring more complex concepts and expressive techniques. This stage of the program challenges students to push the boundaries of their creativity and craftsmanship, producing artwork that is both technically rigorous and emotionally resonant. 


Finally, as 8th graders, students take ownership of their artistic journey, with a focus on self-directed creation and exploration. They can manipulate various media further, experimenting with new techniques and approaches as they develop their own artwork. Alongside their creative endeavors, students deepen their understanding of contemporary and historical art perspectives, gaining insight into the broader context of their artistic practice. 


There is also a studio fee of $26. This fee ensures that students have access to the necessary materials and supplies to support their artistic endeavors, empowering them to explore, create, and innovate with confidence and enthusiasm. 

  • Elective Fee: $26 studio fee.

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