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Dance Program

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Dance Program Overview

At Academie Da Vinci, our commitment to dance education is exemplified through our two spacious dance studios located on campus. These facilities provide students with the ideal environment to explore a diverse range of dance styles, catering to both beginners and advanced performers alike. 

Equipped with an array of costumes and props, our dance studios serve as creative spaces where students can fully immerse themselves in the art of dance. From classical ballet to contemporary jazz, students are guided through a comprehensive curriculum that fosters technical proficiency, artistic expression, and stage presence. 


A hallmark of our dance program is the opportunity for students to participate in full-scale stage productions, offering them a hands-on experience of the production process from inception to showtime. Through rehearsals, costume fittings, and stage performances, students gain invaluable insights into the collaborative nature of theatrical productions, honing their teamwork and leadership skills along the way. 


As students’ progress through our dance program, they will have the chance to broaden their horizons through local dance field trips to theaters and schools. These immersive experiences expose students to professional performances, master classes, and workshops, enriching their understanding of dance as an art form and inspiring their own artistic growth. 


At Academie Da Vinci, we are dedicated to providing our students with a comprehensive and enriching dance education that nurtures their passion for the arts, cultivates their talents, and prepares them for success both on and off the stage. 

Dance Program By Grade

K to 3rd Grade Dance Program

In our kindergarten through third-grade dance program at Academie Da Vinci Charter School, students immerse themselves in the world of movement and expression, attending dance class twice per week. These regular sessions provide the foundation for a lifelong love of dance, offering structured lessons that engage students in a dynamic learning experience. 


Throughout these classes, students are carefully guided through the fundamental elements of dance, building their understanding of rhythm, coordination, and artistic expression. Each lesson is thoughtfully designed to introduce students to the components of a dance class, from warm-ups and technique exercises to creative exploration and choreography. 


Participation in the winter and spring shows gives students the opportunity to showcase their newfound skills and talents, fostering a sense of achievement and confidence. Moreover, our curriculum is thoughtfully aligned with the Florida Standards, ensuring that students not only develop their artistic abilities but also meet academic benchmarks. 


By providing a nurturing and supportive environment, our K-3 dance program inspires students to discover the joy of movement, igniting their passion for dance while laying the groundwork for future artistic exploration and growth. 

At Academie Da Vinci Charter School, we place a strong emphasis on embracing diverse cultures through our dance program. Cultural dances play a significant role in our curriculum as they provide students with valuable insights into the rich tapestry of cultures that exist both within our community and around the world. Each year, we introduce students to a variety of cultural dances, ensuring that they are constantly expanding their knowledge and appreciation of different traditions. 

In addition to exploring cultural dances, we also delve into Jazz Dance technique, recognizing its versatility and its ability to complement various cultural dance styles. By incorporating Jazz Dance into our curriculum, students not only enhance their understanding of footwork but also develop a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of dance forms. 


For our fourth and fifth-grade students, dance is integrated into their weekly schedule, providing them with regular opportunities to engage and refine their skills. Furthermore, students who opt for dance as their elective enjoy an enriched experience with dance twice a week. In these elective classes, we build upon the foundations laid in their earlier years, focusing on Ballet and Jazz techniques while also introducing elements of Contemporary style and Improvisational skills. 

Within the elective curriculum, students learn dance vocabulary and explore the creative process of choreography. By incorporating the Elements of Dance, which they have been introduced to since their early years at ADV, students are empowered to express themselves through movement and create their own unique dances. 


Through our comprehensive dance program, we aim to not only cultivate technical proficiency but also foster creativity, cultural appreciation, and a lifelong love for dance among our students. 


  • Elective Fee: $26 for show materials.

Within our middle school dance program at Academie Da Vinci Charter School, students embark on a journey of continued growth and exploration in various dance disciplines. Throughout their middle school years, students refine their technique in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and improvisation through guided classes tailored to their skill level. 

In addition to honing their technical skills, students engage in a comprehensive curriculum that includes dance history, anatomy, and vocabulary. By delving into the rich tapestry of dance history and understanding the intricacies of the human body, students develop a deeper appreciation for the art form and gain insight into the underlying principles that govern their movements as performers. 

Moreover, middle school students are challenged to find their unique “dance voice” through choreography projects assigned each year. In sixth grade, students focus on solo choreography, allowing them to explore personal expression and creativity. In seventh grade, the emphasis shifts to collaborative work, with students creating duets or trios, fostering teamwork and cooperation. By eighth grade, students undertake the ambitious task of choreographing a dance for the entire class, combining their individual growth from solo work to group dynamics, and mastering transitions and formation changes. 

To enrich their learning experience, middle school students participate in field trips to high schools and colleges, where they can take master dance classes taught by esteemed instructors in the community. These experiences not only expose students to a broader range of dance styles and techniques but also offer valuable insights into the possibilities that await them beyond middle school, inspiring them to pursue their passion for dance with confidence and enthusiasm. 

  • Fee: $26 studio fee.

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