Clubs & Sports

Clubs & Sports

We offer a range of clubs and sports programs, encouraging students to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom. From the teamwork-driven excitement of girls’ volleyball and boys’ flag football to diverse clubs that nurture creativity and curiosity, our extracurricular activities are designed to foster personal growth and camaraderie. Engage, learn, and grow with us through these wonderful opportunities.




Flag Football


Art Club

“Students will help paint wall murals and engage in special art projects such as sculpture, digital art and mixed media collage.”

If interested, grab the latest information 4-8th flyer, K-3 flyer and please contact Art Club advisor, Mrs. Wendy Stanziano, for more information.

A/V Squad

6th grade students will deliver the Morning Announcements for the K-5 students. We will begin with audio-only announcements which include the date, pledge and lunch menu. Later we plan to use iPads and Skype to do real-time video announcements.

If interested, grab the latest information flyer.  Also, please contact the A/V Squad advisor, Mrs. Wendy Stanziano, for more information.

Media Club

4th-8th grades (3rd grade space permitting). Students will learn how to write, record, produce and edit the ADV News*. This is a weekly broadcast highlighting the events at our school. Students will practice camera shots, television lighting, writing scripts and more. *Sponsored by Philips Entertainment.

If interested, grab the latest flyer 4th-8th and please contact the Media Club advisor, Mrs. Wendy Stanziano, for more information.

Sign Language Club

All Sign Language Club members must be pre-registered for Aftercare in the event the student cannot be picked up by 4:30pm. Students remaining after 4:430pm will be taken to Aftercare for an additional charge. Photos may be shared on the ADV website. Minimum 5 students. Limited spaces available.

Appropriate behavior is expected to participate. No refunds will be issued. Please contact Mrs. Cox at if you have any questions.


Yb volleyball 1

Have Questions?

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Absence Notification

Please note, if your child has been absent from school for 3 or more consecutive days:

  • Three or more consecutive absences require a doctor’s note or other documentation.
  • This form & accompanying documentation below must be received within 2 days of the student’s return to school to help school officials determine the excuse/unexcused status of the absence(s).
  • Please keep a copy of all forms/documentation in the event it may be requested if a student has accumulated 3 or more absences in a semester course or 10 or more absences in an annual course.

In an effort to standardize attendance procedures to review school absences, no other letters/forms will be accepted.