Kindergarten – 5th Grade 

Elementary Grades Curriculum 

 Kindergarten through 3rd grade class size is limited to an average of 18 students.  4th through 5th grade class size is limited to an average of 22 students.

In general, we break the day into three academic blocks, one that is primarily for Language Arts / Reading, one for Math, and the third for Science / Social Studies.  However, even though they are primarily used for these subjects, it is important to note that our methods mean that all of the subjects will be integrated together during all of the blocks.  Specials, such as Art, Music, Physical Education, and Dance are interspersed between the blocks throughout the week.

In Kindergarten through 4th Grade your child will not change classes as these grade levels are self-contained classrooms, where the student will have one main teacher who teaches the core content areas.  While the classroom teacher is the primary instructor, students may also participate in collaborative projects with other classes. 

In 5th grade, students have 2 teachers: a language arts/social studies teacher and a math/science teacher.  This model prepares them for the middle school experience.   

Do you use the same books as a public school?
Charter Schools are allowed to set their own curriculum and choose their own materials, as long as they align with the standards.  That being said, we do sometimes select the same textbook as the district.  We currently use the Reveal Math textbook series, aligned with Florida BEST standards and  Wonders Language Arts series also aligned with Florida BEST standards.  Our teachers continue to develop their skills by attending professional development opportunities.