K-2nd STAR Reading, 3-4th FAST Reading, 5th Math, 7th Civics EOC, 8th Science

Other Upcoming Events

Character Day - "Honesty" Wear as much blue as possible

April 24, 2024 8:00 AM
Acadamie Da Vinci

School Tour

April 25, 2024 10:00 AM
Academie Da Vinci

ADV Art Show

April 25, 2024 4:30 PM
Academie Da Vinci

Teacher Planning Day - No School for Students

April 26, 2024 6:00 AM
Academie Da Vinci

Absence Notification

Please note, if your child has been absent from school for 3 or more consecutive days:

  • Three or more consecutive absences require a doctor’s note or other documentation.
  • This form & accompanying documentation below must be received within 2 days of the student’s return to school to help school officials determine the excuse/unexcused status of the absence(s).
  • Please keep a copy of all forms/documentation in the event it may be requested if a student has accumulated 3 or more absences in a semester course or 10 or more absences in an annual course.

In an effort to standardize attendance procedures to review school absences, no other letters/forms will be accepted.